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Business Insider - Sarting A Career In Blockchain

I got my start in crypto by a rather unconventional route and almost no work experience - now I'm a lead engineer. Here's why I think the downturn is one of the best times to land a job in Web3.

Introducing Gelato Relay: A Fast & Reliable Multichain Transaction API

Gelato Relay is a new service built on top of the Gelato Network, which helps web3 application and infrastructure developers to use a simple API in order to get arbitrary transactions mined fast, cost-effectively and reliably on behalf of their users or protocol.

Gelato Automate Logs

Gelato Automate is an app for you to create and manage automation tasks for your smart contracts.

Contextualizing Information With Data Visualization

The ability to bring context to a dataset is critical, but even more so is the ability to represent that context in the most accurate and most effective way possible.

$42,000/yr Passive Income with Helium Hotspot

Recently, I got my hands on a Helium hotspot, and I wanted to see what this thing does and if it’s actually a viable source of passive income. Helium is a blockchain project that uses hotspots to create a peer-to-peer wireless network where IoT devices can send data to and from the internet.